Latest News


We are in the process of making more investment into the yard. Facilities are being improved and updated.

We are continuing to provide 5 star livery from DIY to Full as well as holiday livery.

Tuition still available on site.


We will be resurfacing our indoor ready for this winterand investing in some new showjumps.

We will be offering clinics, teaching and school hire so there will be plenty to do through the wintery months.


Looking forwards to an exciting year!

I have some nice young horses to produce and sell, there are lots of yard improvements and upgrades planned and of course I will be out eventing & showjumping.

I do have a couple of stables vacant so if you are looking just give me a call. Horses also taken for schooling and producing. I am also available for teaching.

New to the market is the gorgeous Glamour Girl


So 2015 started with Baby Alfie joining us on February 18th weighing 9lbs!

I am going to be very busy this year with lots of horses to event, yongsters to bring on and 2 children! Luckily my brilliant mum Susie is on hand to be nanny and I an feeling fit and excited about life, so bring it on!

We start on Sunday 26th April with Sox (Champions Dynamo) and Simba at Solihull in the BE100 open, then head to Morton Morrell, Aston, Chatsworth and Rockingham in May and possibly going to Bramham in June with Washington if we are fit.


An Early Finish!

So the latest news is I am 4 months pregnant! An early finish to the season but everyone has been very supportive. The baby is due in February and I plan to be back in action ASAP! Martin Renfrew & Simon Grieve are riding some of the novice horses and doing a brilliant job. Washington is booked in for some dressage with Harry Payne ready to continue his 3 star campaign next season.

I plan to do lots of teaching over the winter so if anyone wants a lesson give me a shout.

Bramham - Old school days!

Just taking Washington to Bramham meant I had a great few days just to focus on him and not too much to do. So my best friend Becky who was also groom to El Zorro came to help and support us, we had a fabulous few days. Washington did a slightly excited test but excelled in jumping with a double clear in very wet conditions! So pleased with him and lots to be excited about in the future.

Chatsworth  - A great event for Centaur Rubydoing her first CIC* and finishing 12th in a large competitive section, Sallybog Lisa Lu did a fabulous double clear also in first CIC*. Washington was doing his first CIC***, he did a lovely test for a 48, clear SJ then jumped round the XC but due to rider error and a bit of greeness on his part we a couple of run outs.

All change at the yard, my groom of 3 years Sammy decided she would be moving on after bramham, all on good terms but everything has to change sometimes. I am greatful for her hardwork over the last few years.

Rockingham International - 02/05/14

Being our local event we were going to be here pretty much everyday, but luckily being only 30 minutes down the road it was very handy! Firstly Simba was to do his BE100, he did his best dressage to date with a fab 30, rolling a pole sj and then storming round the pretty meaty track for him but showing no problems he came away with a clear. Lulu did a good test but came away with a 39 which we thought she deserved a little better, but she pulled it back with a double clear and only a couple of time for finishing just outside the top ten in 14th, she next goes to Chatsworth for the CIC*. Fi posted a amazing 29.5, but unluckily got very tense for the sj causing her to have a few down but again clear xc. 

Tikka and Wash were both doing the CIC2*, Tikka did a good test with a little muddling of legs half way through her test for a 49.1 and then only one down in the sj which we were very pleased with as it was causing quite alot of problems and she tried her very best to keep the poles up, she then showed us her xc machine tendancies again and powered round the xc coming away with just 5 time pernalties. 

Wash did a very calm test and one of his personal best of 47.8. He then jumped clear sj but had a few time but jumped very controlled and calmly. After he was amazing xc and showed concentration and his awesome abilty to fly round clear. He next heads to Chatsworth International to do the CIC3*!!! We also have Ruby and Lulu doing the CIC*.

Milton Keynes - 22/04/14

Simba was doing another BE100, again he did a very accurate test for a 36.5 and another double clear to finish in 14th. Fiore was doing her first novice of the season, she did a 38 and then had a few problems sj causing her to have a few rails and a few time. but she managed to redeem herself xc coming away clear, showing she is a bit of a xc machine! Sox was also doing the novice, doing a better test of 34, clear sj but showing his greeness xc and having a couple of hiccups but apart from them was a very good boy. They all head to Rockingham International next....

Burhnam Market International - 17/04/14

This was set to be a jam packed event for us! Firstly we had Tikka doing the CIC2* she did a much better test for her with a 47.3, then picking her toes up very well in the sj for a clear, and then had a silly little run out at a corner on the xc! Wash was doing advanced, he did an amzing test for a 39.8, then had an unlucky pole sj with a few time coming out of the sj with 9 penalties, xc seemed to cause wash a few problems, which we thin was maybe due to the ground being a little hard and him being such a big jumper so Rosie decided to retire him and save him for another day. We then had three in the novice, Ruby was coming out in full force after her win at Belton, with a 33 double clear posting another placing for 3rd! Lulu also did a good but little tense test for a 38.5 and then adding another double clear to her record finishing just outside the top ten in 12th place. Lastly was Sox where due to Sapey being cancelled he had to go straight in at novice, adding the pressure for him, but he held his own coming away with a 36.5, one down and a terrific clear xc! 

Belton International - 04/04/14

Our first international of the season, Tikka and Wash were doing CIC2*. Wash completed a nice test in a quite electric atmosphere for a 50.7, he then got a little too keen in the sj and had one pole down but redeemed himself with a good clear across the country. Tikka did her hottest test to date coming away with a 52.5 and then just clipping a pole in the sj, she went onto the xc and put in a strong clear, setting them both up well for Burhnam Market. Lulu and Ruby both did novice here, Lulu did a 36.5 and then had one down in a pretty beefy track sj and stormed round the xc very well as it was her biggest track to date. Ruby was awesome for the whole event doing a 30 dressage, tapping one pole sj and then steaming round the xc within the time (one of the onlh ones to manage this) leading her to a fantastic WIN!!! Next on the calender is Burhnam Market International.

Lincoln - 14/03/14

Lincoln was the turn of the BE100.. Simba excelled himself here with a 34.5 and a lovely double clear with just a few time xc. Fiore was al set for her first one of the season with a 32.5, rolling a pole and a clear xc, ending up finishing with a great 10th. Lastly there was Lulu who did a 30.5 and a competitive double clear meaning she finished in 4th starting her season off in fine form, showing she is already for Novice at Belton!

Oasby - 06/03/14

We begin our season at Oasby. Firstly we have Simba doing a BE100, he did a lovely first test of the season gaining a 37.5 and then got a little frisky for the sj causing him to have one down and then stormed round the xc for a clear. Ruby was on fine form from the start doing a 32.5 in the novice, rolling a pole but then doing a fab round clear xc, finishing in equal 4th. Next was the intermediates, Wash did a very good test for a 30.5, a fab clear and then got a little keen xc and had a run out at the second part of the water after trying to jump it all on the way in! Tikka also did a fantastic test for a 27.3, again a clear sj and then unfortunately a lack of brakes meant she had to be retired as she thought it was a much better idea to gallop rather than listen!!

After a fantastic 2013 eventing season, all the horses are having a well deserved holiday! Meanwhile Rosie is currently in the process of getting her house completed and will hopefully be moving in very soon!! Over the winter we will be doing some BSJA as well as lots of training making sure the horses are all ready for the 2014 season!! 

We have also got various quality youngstock that we currently breaking in, please visit the For Sale page for current youngstock availible. 

We hope to see everyone out and about very soon!




We have recently took a trip to Markfield equestrian centre, where all the horses jumped very well. Belmont Conquest however did extremely well by winning his first ever Foxhunter. We hope to take many more showjumping trips to get them ready for the upcoming season!


We started our season at Oasby, where we had double clears by Washington and Tikkabilla Mill.

We are next heading to Lincoln and then to Great Witchingham. We then head to Burnham Market by which time we hope the weather will of improved...fingers crossed!!


We have recently just got back from Burnham Market International where we took Washington, Tikkabilla and Belmont Conquest!

Washington did his first CIC** where he did a fab clear round the cross country, so is now all qualified for CCI** which he is planned to do at Houghton in May!


Belton Horse trials proved to be a mixed event for us with Washington and Tikkabilla Mill. Tikka was in her first CIC** with a 49.1 dressage and only one down sj she then a few from home tripped meaning she couldnt jump the second element, unfortunately occuring 20 penalties! She is next aimed at Rockingham CIC** along with Washington! 


Centaur Ruby went to Keysoe and was very successful finishing with a 4th in the novice. She did a 35 dressage, one down show jumping but then completed the cross country flying round within the time! She is next aimed at Rockingham castle. 


Aston Le Walls proved to be a great success for the team, with two double clears in the Intermediate with Washington and Belmont Conquest! Washington finished 11th with a 35.9 and a fantastic double clear with only 3.6 time!

Belmont Conquest was also a star finishing 15th with a 40 and another double clear with only 4.4 time! Both horses are next at Rockingham, Washington in the CIC** and Bemont Conquest in the Intermedaite. 


We were again at Aston Le Walls but this time for the unaffilated with the youngsters. Champions Dynamo completed his first ever event and finished a fantastic 3rd with a 32.5 in the BE90. He will next head to Catton to do his first BE100. 

Simba also proved to be very well behaved finishing on a 34.0 double clear. Rosie had a new ride of Fiore who finished 8th 33.0. These two will next head to Catton along with Champions Dynamo.


Rockingham International turned out to be a great success for us. We were there for all four days, but luckily it was only a short journey down the road. Centaur Ruby completed the novice with a 34.5, an unfortunate show jumping round followed with a super cross country. Another new ride for Rosie is Sally Bog Lisa Lu who is currently with us to be sold, she completed her first BE100 finishing 4th on 27.0.


Washington and Tikkabilla Mill were competing in the CIC**. Tikkabilla was a star throughout all three phases with a 47.8 double clear and inside the time, to finish 4th!! Washington was also a star and did his best dressage to date of a 52.0 and a double clear with only 1.2 time, to finish 18th. Belmont Conquest was our final horse to go to Rockingham to compete in the intermediate, he did 36.4 clear show jumping and then unfortunately ran out of steam right at the end of the testing cross country course and picked up a 20, but he tried his best and owner and rider were pleased with his effort!! 


Catton- Centaur Ruby completed the novice here to finish 3rd with a fab 31 and double clear, she will next be at Eland Lodge in a couple of weeks. Sallybog Lisa Lu was to put in  another strong run in at BE100 to finish 7th on a dressage of 32.5 with 0.8 time. Champions dynamo was also a star in the 5 year olds with a 28.5 dressage, double clear but then took his time round the cross country and had a few time.


Milton Keynes - Another run with the youngsters, Simba was a very good boy in the BE90 finshing 3rd on his dressage of 30.5. Sallybog Lisa Lu also did a 30.5 and finished 4th! Rosie had two new rides here, one was Dazzling Dancer who is owned by Dave Allsop. This is his first season eventing and completed his first BE100 with a dressage of 33 and one down and a fab clear to finish 13th! The second new ride is Killowen Fantasia who is owned by Lord and Lady Onslow. It is also her first season eventing and proved to do it in fine style finishing on her dressage of 35 to come 12th! Both proving to be promising stars for the future! 


Eland Lodge - Dazzling Dancer completed another lovely double clear and a 31 dressage to finish 7th. Killowen Fantasia also did the BE100 to come 8th on a fab 26 dressage, with a rolled pole in the show jumping. Centaur Ruby also had another good run at novice with a 34 double clear to come 6th. 


Barbury International - We went here with Tikkabilla and Washington. Washington recorded his best dressage to date with a 49.7 and then jumped a fantastic clear show jumping. He then went onto the cross country where he had an unfortunate 20 penalties but apart from that did a fab round! 

Tikkabilla also did her best dressage with a 48.3, she then went onto complete a lovely clear show jumping round. She followed this with a fantastic clear with only 8 time penalties...meaning she finished in a fantastic 13th out of 90!!


Upton proved to be a successful one with the youngsters! Champions dynamo (pictured right) in the 5 year olds did a 34 and double clear to finish a fab 10th. Centaur Ruby in the novice completed on a 40 dressage and another double clear to finish 8th! Sallybog Lisa Lu was also very well behaved finishing on her dressage score of 27.5 to come 2nd!! 


Aston Le Walls - Washington was to complete his first advanced here. He started with a fantastic dressage of 36.1 and then went on to roll a pole in the show jumping. In the cross country he was fantastic apart from having a unfortunate 20 early on in the course but then stormed round the rest of the very testing track in style!! 

Belmont Conquest competed in the intermediate to do one of his best dressage tests of a 35 and then did a superb clear show jumping in what seemed to be a testing track. He then went onto the cross country and was doing very well until he had a mishap and left a leg and then sadly coundn't get to the second element, leading to a retirement. Tikkabilla Mill also did the intermediate to do an amazing dressage of 25.9...the best in the class! But then had three down meaning we decided not to run her. 


Carlton- This was the turn of the kids again! Dazzling Dancer had his first novice run here and did it in style with a 31, one down and a very good clear cross country to finish an amazing 6th! SallyBog Lisa Lu also did her first novice with a 36.5 and then went a little green show jumping to have three down and then another 'green moment' in the cross country to have a 20..but overall was very good. Killowen Fantasia did the BE100 with a 34 and another consistent double clear to finish 6th! Champions Dynamo was competing in another 5 year old section and did a fab double clear but with a dressage score of 38.5 unfortuanatley didnt get placed. 


We found ourselves at Aston Le Walls again, this time with Tikkabilla and Washington who were doing the intermediate. Washington was on fine form with his best ever dressage of 29.6 and he followed this with an amazing double clear to finish 3rd!! Tikkabilla also did a fantastic test with a 25.9 she then had one down and did a very good clear cross country but again to finish 3rd!...both are next at Blair CCI**! 


Day two of Aston was the turn of the novices. First we had Sallybog Lisa Lu, she did a 39.5 and rolled a pole followed by a good clear cross country round. 


Next was Dazzling Dancer who did a good dressage for a 36.5 and then got 6 penalties int he jumping but again followed by a strong clear across the country with ony a few time.


The third novice was Centaur Ruby who did a nice dressage test for a 36.5 with a double clear and no time to finish a fantastic 8th...she will now aim for the intermediate at the end of August.


Bold Heath - We headed up here for Champions Dynamo to compete in another 5 year old class. He did a good test with an unfortunate spook to give him a 35 followed by another double clear t finish 3rd..but unfortunatly missed out by qualifying by 0.5!! We plan to head to Wales for another qualifier for him. We also took along Killowen Fantasia who did a fantastic 30.5 and also a double clear to finish a superb 4th..she will next head to Solihull for another BE100.  


Shelford - It was the turn of the novices here. Dazzling Dancer did a 33.5 dressage with another fab double clear with only 6.4 time which put him in the placings to finish 8th! Sallybog Lisa Lu completed a better dressage with a 36 and a excellent double clear to put her just outside the top 10 to finish 13th. They will both head to Keysoe next to complete another novice. 


Solihull - The kids were out again here, Champions Dynamo did a lovey test for a 34 and again a consistent double clear to finish 8th.. he will now be aimed at a novice after another 5 year old class!

Killowen Fantasia was a very good girl in the dressage to achieve the best score of the class of a 27, she then unfortuanately had two down but then had a lovely clear cross country to finish 10th.

Simba had his first BE100 he did a nice test for a 35.5 and then rolled a pole, and then had a steady round to have 8.4 time. 


Blair CCI**

Tikkabilla and Washington were both superstars for the whole week here.

Firstly it was the tikkas turn for the dressage, she did a beautiful test and came out with an amazing score of 43.9 meaning she was in the lead overnight! After the second day of dressage she managed to only drop down one place by only 0.6! Next it was cross country day and tikka did a awesome round over a decent track to finish with only 2.8 time! Show jumping day felt like the longest day with tikka jumping second last..with it being her weakest and also her biggest track she just rolled a couple of poles! She was a star all week and finished with a wicked 6th. She also managed to get an award for the highest placed horse registered in the Sports Horse Breeding stud book of Great Britian in the CCI**!!

Washington was on the Friday for his dressage, he again did an amazing test to finish on a 49.7 meaning he finished after the dressage 8th! So Rosie now had two in the top 10!! Cross country day, Wash was to run after tikka but he still showed everyone how to do it completing on a clear and only picking up 3.2 time. This meant that he was still in the top 10, lying 9th overnight. Show jumping day, as Rosie had two in the top 10 wash was to jump out of order. He did a superb round but unfortunately got a little keen coming into the treble and rolled the last part, but as the track was testing it was catching a few out he was to finish in 10th!!! So overall Blair was an amazing event for us and the horses behaved and performed to their best! 


Purston Manor - It was the turn of the novices and BE100 again. Champions Dynamo was to do hist first novice here and he did it in style with a 39.5 and a fab double clear and as it was his first Rosie decided to take her time xc so they picked up a few time. Next it was Dazzling Dancer was again to do another novice, this time he did a 35 and a double clear picking up a few time to finish just outside the top ten on 13th. The last novice was Sallybog Lisa Lu who did a lovely test of a 35 and then rolled a pole in the show jumping but another clear xc. Killowen Fantasia was the only BE100 we had here but she didnt let us down, doing a 26 and a double clear in the time to win the class!!!