Price List

DIY - stable provided and full use of facilities including walker , schools, parking , wash box. Care of horse owners responsibility. Turnout will be managed by Rosie, during winter turnout will be available but on a limited basis in sympathy with the land and conditions. During the summer please pooh pick. Horses needing individual turnout must be flexible.


Summer Rate £235 per month including hay or haylage
Winter rate £255 per month including hay or haylage
Straw available at £35.00 per month
Shavings or other bedding supplied by owner some storage will be provided.
FULL - includes full use of facilities , plus daily routine care , muck out and walker or turnout , bring in and put to bed or skip and put to bed. Haylage or hay and straw or shavings bed (grooming and riding not included available at an extra cost) individual feeding needs to be discussed with Rosie and charged accordingly.
Full with straw bed £575 per month
Full with shavings bed £600 per month
Competition, schooling , sales , holiday livery-
As above plus riding according to horses needs as discussed with Rosie.
£750 per calendar month
  • Basic turnout or bring in - feet picked ( no washing or rug change) £1.50
  • Bring in and put to bed , feet washed , rug changed ,fed £5.00 
  • Full livery day £12.00 per day Muck out walker or turnout, bring in or skip and hay feed £12.00
  • Clipping - full £40    With legs £50
  • Riding at Competitions - £30 / horse per day